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Coffee Tour

Monteverde Coffee Tour

Coffee Tour

The Trapiche tour, is a project of a Costa Rican family, where a guided tour of about 2 hours is offered.

The tour begins with a tour of the farm which may have an opportunity to observe the different plantations it is also touring a small patch of forest where occasionally you can see wildlife.

During the tour of the farm tilapia project is observed, plantations

bananas, plantains, arracache, macadamia, oranges, sugar cane and coffee.

In the span of the walk through the farm, the process involved in cultivating sugarcane, natural history and also the opportunity to taste sugar cane and its various derivatives is provided is explained.

Travel over this range the process of coffee, which starts showing from planting and continues with the process of crushing, peeled and roasted by machines will be displayed.

To end the tour by the plantations are invited to make a short ride in a cart with oxen (only if desired, otherwise you can do it walking), this starts from planting sugar cane and ends upon arrival at where the process cocoa is displayed.

That step is shown by step process cocoa from different stages: starting with an explanation of how the plant develops, pollination of it, how the fruit is obtained, the fermentation of the seeds, drying, roasting and grinding cocoa, plus brief explanation and tasting how chocolate is obtained.

After completing the process of cocoa, it will pass to the show “out of guaro” (cane liquor).

Immediately after the typical sugar mills were observed, manual mill, the water wheel and oxen, each explanation is given and shown how they work.

The Tour ends in the area where culminates the traditional process of sugarcane with getting the sweet and its various derivatives.

Here you have the opportunity to make your own sweet ( “fondled”) To end the tour is given the opportunity to taste a cock Mince arracache accompanied with an exquisite cup of coffee.

Tour Price: $ 32